Celebrating Five Years of WAWs in Stockholm

The first Web Analytics Wednesday in Sweden was held in Stockholm, May 10, 2006.

The idea was born during a one-day web analytics conference organized by Lennart Svanberg. Rickard Hedenius asked whether there were any regular get-togethers for web analysts. There were none. I thought “what the heck, why wait for someone else to do it when I can do it?”

That’s how the first WAW in Stockholm was born. I coordinated the first eight, or so, WAWs before passing on the torch to Mattias Malmnäs. The last couple of years have been handled by Rickard Hedenius.

With the five-year celebration, we’re bringing WAW back to its roots, a pub-like setting. In honour of five great years, it’s a joint effort by Rickard Hedenius and me, Lars Johansson. For the first time ever, we’re going for an outdoor setting. It’s about time. No PowerPoint presentations, no demanding sponsors, and no suits required.

Come chat, have a brew, and bask in the evening sun while you discuss your favourite topic with peers. All you need to sign up is an interest in web analytics.

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