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This page was recently moved here from excellentanalytics.com. Excellent Analytics Pro was owned by Ampliofy but acquired by NEXT Analytics. Excellent Analytics Open Source (below) is maintained by the public. Outfox is now providing the download link and information as public service.

About Excellent Analytics

Excellent Analytics

“I’ve been using GA for quite some time and fetching data from GA was the most boring part of the job. But with Excellent Analytics, things became interesting again. [..] Thanks for bringing out such a great tool. Great work!”
- user comment

NEWS: If you want more features, more dimensions and metrics, more automation and additional data sources, you should upgrade to Next Analytics. You can import your queries from Excellent Analytics.

(you do not have to opt in to e-mail to download the product any longer!)


Upgrade to Next Analytics

Excellent Analytics is an Excel addin that lets you import web analytics data from Google Analytics into a spreadsheet. Automate more of your reporting process, and spend time on analysis instead.

Excellent Analytics exists in two versions: open source (the one you can read about on this page) and Pro (which is sold by Next Analytics and is based on a completely different codebase.)

The open source version is dependent on contributions of code (not money!) from the community, so it may not be released in a new version at any time.

If you want a tool that is frequently updated, upgrade to Next Analytics. You can import your queries from Excellent Analytics into it.

Excellent Analytics has been around since 2009. It’s the original Google Analytics addin/plugin for Microsoft Excel, and has been downloaded tens of thousands of times, and used by lots of happy users around the world. Several people have contributed code to the open source version 2009-2012.

Download Excellent Analytics

To download the open source version, click here.

Why is this page hosted on Outfox.com?

The open source version of Excellent Analytics came to be because of the same guys who founded Outfox, that’s why. Excellent Analytics open source is, however, an independent product, and Outfox does not provide any support for it. Outfox is a digital analytics consultancy offering services by the hour, starting from approximately 210 USD/hour.


Since Excellent Analytics Open Source Edition is 100% free to download and use for everyone, but has taken many, many, hundreds of hours to develop, there is no developer support (no e-mail support, no phone support) for it. If you want to buy help, contact a Google Analytics Certified Partner.

If you have questions about the tool, ask the community on Quora. If you think you found a bug, ask on Quora as well.

If you want support, consider buying Next Analytics, and then ask Next Analytics for help. You can import your queries from Excellent Analytics.


Excellent Analytics is provided “as is” under the MIT license. “Google Analytics” is a trademark of Google Inc. “Excel” is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

Excellent Analytics functionality

  • Build queries with all dimensions and metrics available in Google Analytics
  • Apply filters to create advanced queries
  • All queries are stored in the spreadsheet

Benefits of reporting and analyzing Google Analytics data in Microsoft Excel

  • Get one less tool to keep track of
  • Use a familiar interface
  • Combine data from multiple data sources
  • Use Excel formulas, charts, and pivot tables
  • Define and calculate customized KPIs
  • Build dashboards just the way you like them
  • Share workbooks with other Excel users

Note! Be aware that the segment “all visits” can’t be combined with the visitors metric or with AdWords data. The equivalent to no segment is “——-”. When in doubt, always opt for “———” or (blank). You do get all visits if you do not select a segment.

If you are missing dimensions and metrics in Excellent Analytics, read this.

Get started



If you experience problems installing Excellent Analytics we recommend that you first install the Microsoft .NET Framework. Then reboot your computer before attempting to install Excellent Analytics.

Upgrade to latest version of Excellent Analytics

  1. Use “Add or Remove Programs” in the Windows control panel to uninstall the current version of Excellent Analytics from your computer
  2. Download the latest version of Excellent Analytics
  3. Run “Setup.exe”
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions

Use Excellent Analytics

Excellent Analytics Menu

Once you have installed Excellent Analytics and opened Microsoft Excel, locate the Excellent Analytics menu and select “Account.”

Excellent Analytics Credentials

Enter the e-mail address and password you use when you log in to Google Analytics. Make sure you enter the correct information. If your login fails, please check the Google help section. If you have made too many attempts to log in you’ll have to enter the letters in the captcha image on the Google Analytics website, or request a new password.

When you have successfully logged in the next step is to create your first query. Simply press “New Query.” The Excellent Analytics window will then open.

Excellent Analytics Dimensions

First you have to select which dimensions to include. If you tick a box you’ll select everything included in that level. For instance, if you tick the “Content” box, exit page path, landing page path, page path and page title will all be selected. If you only wish to select one of them you need to expand that level and only tick the box in front of the dimension you wish to add.

Excellent Analytics Metrics

Selecting metrics works the same way as selecting dimensions. Tick an entire level, or simply tick the metric(s) of your choice.

Google has written an excellent list explaining which dimensions and metrics you can combine.

The last step to consider before executing the query is whether you want to limit the data to be imported by setting up one, or multiple, filters.

Excellent Analytics Filters

Finally, you may refresh your data at any time.

Excellent Analytics Credentials

Simply mark the top row of the table generated by the query and click “Update Query”. You need to mark the heading of the particular table that you wish to update. It contains the name of the selected Google Analytics profile and the selected date range.


If you have questions not answered below, try asking them on Quora. No e-mail or phone support is provided for this product.

I am missing some dimensions or metrics, what should I do?
If you are missing dimensions and metrics in Excellent Analytics, read this.
[Added: January 2, 2013]

I am getting different figures in Excellent Analytics compared to the Google Analytics web interface, why?
Check the sample rate in the Google Analytics web interface. Excellent Analytics uses the most accurate level of sampling by default, GA’s web interface doesn’t.
[Added: January 2, 2013]

Is it really free?
The short answer is: yes. The long answer is: yes, yes, yes!
[Added: September 23, 2009]

Why is it distributed as a .zip file? I was expecting an .exe file.
It’s compressed. You can use something like 7-Zip to uncompress it.
[Updated: December 9, 2009]

Why can’t I install it?
Make sure you’re using Windows XP, Vista or 7 as well as Excel 2007 or 2010 and have installed Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. See the requirements and the read me file included in your download. Also make sure that you have installed ALL updates to Windows and Excel, check Windows Update!
[Updated: August 16, 2011]

Why can’t I log in?
If your login fails, please check the Google help section. If you have made too many attempts to log in you’ll have to enter the letters in the captcha image on the Google Analytics website, or request a new password. A very small number of Google Analytics accounts may also include a profile that messes up the login to the API. If you’re one of those extremely few users, then you have to wait for Google to update the API. You can find out if you’re affected by checking if you can log in to Google’s query explorer.
[Updated: August 16, 2011]

How are you using my password?
Your username and password is only being sent to Google so that you can login and access your Google Analytics data. If you want to, you can opt in to save the login information on your harddrive. We do not store or otherwise use your login information on our end. Excellent Analytics uses the Google Analytics API to fetch data for you. We do not store or use your data. Excellent Analytics is provided as an open source product under the MIT license. It’s provided “as is”. You can examine the full source code.
[Added: September 23, 2009]

The Excellent Analytics menu is gone from Excel. What happened?
If Excel didn’t run properly it may have disabled Excellent Analytics. To enable it again, right click on the Excel menu and select “Customize Quick Access Toolbar.” In the window that opens, select “Add-Ins”, in the drop down menu select “Disabled Items”, and click “Go…” In the dialog that opens select Excellent Analytics, and click “Enable.” Restart Excel.

If that does not work, try:

1.) Uninstall Excellent Analytics from the Control Panel
2.) If possible, empty your temporary files folder
3.) Install Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime (see the requirements)
4.) Install Excellent Analytics again

Another solution:
In Excel 2007/2010: Excel Options -> Add-ins -> Com ADD-ins -> Go -> Select Excellent Analytics -> Remove. Exit Excel. Uninstall Excellent Analytics. Reinstall Excellent Analytics.

[Updated: July 17, 2012]

I get data that seems to be wrong. Why?
Excellent Analytics grabs data using the GA API, and does not manipulate the output. If we get proper data from the GA API, then you should really get the same using EA. One thing to keep in mind however, is the fact that the “all visits” segment can’t be combined with the visitors metric. When in doubt, use “——-” as the selected segment. That is the equivalent to no segment, i.e. to looking at the entire data set.
[Added: April 13, 2011]

Can you give an example of how to use it?
Read these two examples: 1 and 2.
[Added: September 25, 2009]

Why doesn’t anything happen when I run a query?
Have you made sure to only select valid combinations of dimensions and metrics? Not all combinations are valid. We will add functionality to help you only select valid combinations in a future release, but for now you need to know what you can select. Use this document as your guide.
[Added: September 23, 2009]

How can I refresh a query?
If you’d like to adjust and run your query again, simply mark the top row of the table generated by the query, and click Update Query. Please note that a spreadsheet may contain multiple queries and that you need to mark the heading of the particular table you wish to update. It contains the name of the selected Google Analytics profile and the selected date range.
[Added: October 20, 2009]

What’s start index good for?
You can use start index to fetch more than 10,000 rows. Just set start index to begin from the row # after the last row # in your previous query. Note that you can’t fetch more than 10,000 rows in a single query. That’s the limit in the Google Analytics API. You have to make multiple queries to fetch more than 10,000 rows.
[Added: October 25, 2009]

What’s max results good for?
You can use max results to limit the number of rows in a query. Adjust if you want to fetch fewer than 10,000.
[Added: October 25, 2009]

I can’t find the Excellent Analytics menu in Excel 2007 in Windows 7, what should I do?
In Excel 2007, right-click on the menu area, select Customize the Quick Access Toolbar. From the window that pops up, select Add-ins in the left menu, then at the bottom of the window select Managed COM Add-Ins and hit GO. Excellent Analytics shows up in the next window, click the checkbox next to it and then press OK.
[Added: October 20, 2009]

Are there any plans for an Excel 2003, OpenOffice, Google Docs, or Mac version?
We won’t be making a version for Excel 2003 since we expect that users will have to upgrade to 2007 or 2010 for other reasons anyhow. There are no plans for an OpenOffice or Google Docs version right now either. We might make a version for Mac, but it would require recoding it from scratch due to differences in architecture so it’s not prioritized. Mac users can use Boot Camp, Parallels Desktop or WMware Fusion to use Excellent Analytics.
[Updated: March 23, 2012]

Can I help develop Excellent Analytics?
Yes, we’re always interested in finding more developers willing to contribute to this open source project. Use the application form if you’re interested.
[Added: September 23, 2009]

I can’t connect to my Google Analytics account? Why?
Try to go to LAN settings on your computer and unselect the checkbox by “Use a proxy server..”
[Added: April 25, 2010]

How can I upgrade Excellent Analytics?
Read the instructions in the get started section on this page.
[Added: October 21, 2009]

I just get a bunch of numbers for time on site/time on page. What is it?
Google Analytics returns time on site and time on page in seconds. If you want to convert seconds into minutes and seconds divide your cell with 86400. Then right click your new cell and select Format Cells. Under the Numbers tab, select Custom and Type mm:ss. If you want hours, minutes and seconds, format as hh:mm:ss. Note that the format you need to select may be different if you are not using Excel in English.
[Added: April 25, 2010]

How can I run the same query for multiple profiles?
What you can do is the following:
1) Create the query you want and run it.
2) Copy the single cell that begins with the profile name that you used.
3) Paste it into a different cell and make sure that cell is marked.
4) Click update query. Now all settings are there and you can just change profile name before running it.
5) Repeat steps 2-4 as many times as you need (once per query/profile).
[Added: May 6, 2010]

How do I use filters?
Check the filter guide.
[Added: May 11, 2010]

If you have questions not answered above, try asking them on Quora. No e-mail or phone support is provided for this product.


“EA has been a real find. I needed a way to run some formulas on my event data and punch out graphs. EA was the first (of four) that I could get working without a day of scratching my head. Nice work guys.”

“Does what it claims to, does it well, and gets out of your way. High praise.”

“This plugin completes a task in 10 seconds that used to take one of our administrative staff members more than 4 hours a week to perform. Keep up the great work and thanks for developing such a fantastic tool.”

“This has made producing a dashboard in Excel a half hour job rather than a half day – brilliant, the fact that it uses Advanced Segments makes it ideal for marketing purposes.”

“I’m a big fan of tools to easily extract data from analytics platforms like WebTrends and Omniture. When EA was made aware to me, I had to try it. This tool gives me the same power I get in an enterprise-level tool with Omniture, but without the price tag. Excellent work EA, keep it up!”

“I have always had trouble sorting through custom reports etc. in Google Analytics – this tool helps me to see information in a format that I can manipulate. I highly recommend this tool and can’t wait to see what new features will be available in the future.”

“The excellent analytics plugin is a great plugin, that makes it effortless to download data from Google Analytics and create sophisticated reports. The ability to cut the data in ways you can’t in the Google Analytics interface is also really useful, making it easy to cut through your data and find the trends and insights that are most important.”

“Allows automated reporting and speedy refreshing of data. Always upgrading and adding features which are exciting. Great customer service also. Highly recommend downloading this Excel tool for anyone using Google Analytics and producing numerous reports.”

“I create a big weekly report for a client with GA data. If it wasn’t for Excellent Analytics it would take me the best part of about 6 hours – instead it takes me 5 minutes (although obviously I had to do a fair amount of set up to begin with). Extremely useful tool that I couldn’t live without.”

“Excellent Analytics is a great tool that made my life as e-marketeer easier. Before I used it, I needed more than half an hour to make my weekly report, now it takes me less than 5 minutes and it is more detailed! I can make more reports in less time and have better analyses. Works without any problem and it’s easy to copy a query and adapt it. Just love it!”

“I prepare several reports for for clients in a month and this tool has helped expedite this process massively. I am truly impressed and I do believe it’s one of the best tools around at the moment.”

“When I need to segment and drill down into the details, I always use Excellent Analytics excel addin.”

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Download Excellent Analytics

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