IndexTools Rubix Looks Like a Challenger to Omniture Discover

I have been wondering if Omniture’s buying spree would stifle competition and thus innovation. I am less worried since I had a sneak peak at IndexTools Rubix a little over a month ago. Dennis Mortensen gave me a demo, and I was very impressed by the tool’s handling of custom KPIs (instantly available for reporting), flexibility, speed and visualization. It’s probably not the best idea to write a review based on a quick peak or to do so more than a month later, but looking at my notes this is what I wrote:

  • Fast
  • Flexible
  • Intuitive

Rubix has an interface based on Flash and turns number geeks into artists. Starting with a blank canvas, you can create numerous views (tabbed canvases) that are tailored to the needs of different recipients by simply dragging and dropping different items. Create non-linear funnels, explore data, and democracize findings.

Rubix has been designed to compete with Discover and Visual Site.

Rubix should be released some time during the second quarter.

If I don’t remember wrong, we can also look forward to A/B testing and MVT functionality in an upcoming release.