Interview with Andre Charland, Co-founder, President and CEO of Nitobi, Creators of RobotReplay

Who should use RobotReplay?

RobotReplay is really for any site publisher, developer or designer. It’s just 10 KB of JavaScript, so it’s pretty easy for any site owner to implement, just like Google Analytics or Adwords.

It can be used for improving user experience, and that means different things to different sites. For a blogger, they might want to verify that users were reading to the end of their posts, or that users were able to sign up to their RSS feed easily, or that users are actually checking out their precious text ads.

For eCommerce sites, on the other hand, they can use the tool to determine whether their shopping cart is positioned in the right spot, or whether their users are finding the products they’re searching for.

When do you think your solution is a better choice than classic tools for clickstream analysis (Google Analytics etc.)?

Well, typical statistics offerings just let you understand where users end up and how they got to your site. RobotReplay let’s you get a much more precise idea of how users are interacting with your site and web app.

Do you have any other usability or web analytics tools in the works?

No. We’ve got our hands full with RobotReplay for now. But we do have a bunch of exciting new features we’re going to add:

  • SSL and authentication support
  • Better reporting and filtering
  • API that allows developers to wire up custom events
  • Visualization tools

We have a lot of features that have been requested by our initial users that we are working on and prioritizing right now.

RobotReplay in action: