iPhone App Revisited: BAM Analytics Pro

Pritesh Patel pointed out to me that with BAM Analytics Pro, it’s now possible to build custom reports directly in the app and to analyze advanced segments created in Google Analytics.

I therefore decided to give BAM Analytics Pro a second look, and I must say I am particularly fond of being able to apply segments to reports. I am still not sure about browsing through a ton of reports that I don’t want to look at when I’m on the go, but I must say that Blast Advanced Media has done a very nice job.

One thing they may want to consider adding is the possibility for a user to select which reports should be listed when opening the app (that is, some sort of custom list). Maybe bookmarks?

Some screenshots showing how you can create custom reports and select advanced segments:

BAM Analytics Pro: Custom Reports BAM Analytics Pro: Create Custom Report
BAM Analytics Pro: A Custom Report BAM Analytics Pro: Advanced Segments

Features added to BAM Analytics Pro:

  • Custom reports were added about a month ago
  • Advanced Segments were added last week
  • Report drill-down was just added

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