Meet the Mayor of VisitorVille

I had the opportunity to get a hold of the mayor of VisitorVille, Robert Savage, to ask him a few questions about the solution that he is offering.

How did you come up with the idea to present data in the way that you do?

I saw how computer games like Rollercoaster Tycoon could present a lot of information very effectively in a visual way, and made the connection to web traffic tracking.

Which is the most useful feature in your offering?

That’s a very subjective question, as personally I like the unlimited number of filtering options that sift through the live data and present it in clear form. For example, seeing the search terms used to find my site in real time, and being able to drill down to learn more about the people using those terms, is priceless.

Name three reasons, besides price and the SimCity look and feel, for selecting your solution.

1) It’s integrated: live tracking, log analysis, click analysis, live help, advertising analysis, and more… in one single application
2) Anyone can use it and understand it, even the CEO
3) It’s built upon robust database principles, so it may look like a game, but it’s a serious business tool.

How does segmentation work in VisitorVille? Do visitors get differently coloured shirts, or what?

Based on the origin of the visitor (.com, .edu, .gov, etc) different avatars are used to represent them. Repeat visitors have a halo over their head… And paying customers have a coin over their head.

What does a successful event (conversion) look like?

A cash register sounds… and the person from then on has a coin over their head.

How much traffic does your biggest customer get?

Hundreds of thousands of unique visitors per day.

How large a share of your customers are located in Europe?

About 35%

Do your customers consider the chat function a cool novelty or have they reported that it increases conversions? Any data on that?

Some subscribe just for the chat functionality, as they find it offers the advanced features of more expensive products like LivePerson, at a fraction of a cost. And the plus is that it’s fully integrated with the traffic tracking, so they can select any person and initiate a chat, as well as provide more informed information to those who they see moving around the site.