How to import Excellent Analytics queries to NEXT Analytics (and get a discount!)

We want to offer you more automation and Google Analytics data for your spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel!

NEXT Analytics is offering a product that does what Excellent Analytics does, plus more! Outfox is extending its discount on NEXT Analytics to you. The price offered below can’t be found through any other website.

We can offer you a discount on yearly plans for NEXT Analytics (Google Analytics in Excel.)

So why not start using NEXT Analytics instead of Excellent Analytics? It can import queries from Excellent Analytics, and is being developed continuously, something that happens more sporadically for an open source product.

See below for more information about query import, extra features and support from the NEXT Analytics team.

Scroll all the way down for plans and prices.

More analytics, more fun with NEXT Analytics

  • You will get access to more Google Analytics data: Multi-channel funnels,
    Custom Dimensions and Custom Metrics, Custom Variables, Goals, Cost Data Uploads.
    You can also create reports from different profiles. Even from different accounts!
  • No data sampling.
  • More dimensions and metrics: you will have access to a larger set of dimensions and metrics.
  • Send your reports as PDF or Excel files by e-mail.
  • Portable Custom Segments and Filters.
  • Cost data upload included.

Save time.

  • Select between one-click data refresh or make it fully automated using Windows Task Scheduler.

Get guaranteed support for a product that is always up to date.

  • NEXT software is always being updated.
  • Great support for users through e-mail (provided by NEXT Analytics.)

Contact Next Analytics when you need support!

How-to videos are offered here.

It’s quick and easy!

Free trial

Want to try before you buy? Download your free trial of Next Analytics here. You can also view a video on how to get started.

Buy/subscribe now and save money

Click one of the alternatives below to make a selection. The prices that are discounted can only be found through these links provided by Outfox. Nowhere else. The discount is only offered for a limited period of time.

GA Only – Yearly

Was: $99.95/year
Limited time offer: $84.96 for the first year

All Connectors – Yearly

Was: $199.95/year
Limited time offer: $169.96 for the first year

Data sources included:
Google Analytics

Data sources included:
Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more.