Q&A with Joshua Gross, Founder of Tapefailure

Tapefailure is a solution that lets you record and watch visits to your website.

How do you replay 1,000 visits without having to look at them one-by-one?

While we do give the users the option to view each and every tape we record, a lot of the value also lies in what we have and will continue to be doing with the data from the tapes. We give the user insight into their website through statistics, graphs, and heat maps, which we feel provides a lot of value. It’s funny that you mention an “average tapes” tool — that is something we have in production (and nearly ready for release as another feature); it uses an algorithm, that we have devised carefully, to score tapes on how “average” they are and returns the top 5 “most average” tapes. We are very much looking forward to what people have to say about this new feature when it is released, and we will be constantly tweaking it to make it more and more accurate.

I assume what constitutes a successful visit will be in the eyes of the beholder? Or can you define what a successful visit would look like and then count the number of successful visits?

Right now, we let our users judge what they believe to be a “successful” visit, but we are always looking into ways to “simplify” the collected data because we know our users are busy people and do not want to spend hours looking at individual tapes.

When do you think your solution is a better choice than classic tools for clickstream analysis (Google Analytics etc.)?

If someone wants to know what type of visitors you are getting, where they are coming from, or how many they are receiving, then Google Analytics (and other such tools) is for them. We focus on the user’s experience while browsing the site and collect more specific data pertaining to how users interact with a website, not just the basics.


What is your advantage compared to competitors such as RobotReplay?

We are constantly looking to add new features and interesting (but useful) methods of visualization. Many of these other services give visualizations on data, but they do not prove to actually be useful; we are looking to only add features that provide true value to the user and allow the user to glean information more quickly.

When can we expect to see Tapefailure on the market?

We are expecting to launch around mid-May, so keep an eye out.

What will the pricing for Tapefailure be based on?

Pricing will be tiered on (right now) 4 different levels, based upon the number of visitors (after setting a ratio, so the number of visitors could be anywhere from 1/2 to 1/10 of the actual number of visitors to a website, as we do not record every visit) to the website and the number of “tracker identifiers” used (these allow a user to define an ID so they know from where the tapes are being recorded).

Tell us about yourself, who are you?

I’m an 18 year old student and entrepreneur based out of Long Island, New York, USA. I am constantly working on new (and innovative) projects, but also do a bit of freelance work. I have been programming for over 8 years and have significant experience with both graphic/web design and programming (PHP/HTML/CSS).