Sorry, I’m Not Dead! A Recap.

The rumours about my demise are grossly exaggerated. No, wait, there are no such claims. But maybe there should be? This blog has been painfully dead compared to previous years.

At one point this blog was one of the voices of the industry, now others have surpassed it. This blog was born roughly at the same time as Avinash’s blog. Needless to say his blog has been a resounding success, and maintains its focus to date. Mine has room for improvement!

I would like to apologize to you, dear reader, for the low activity rate on this blog. I still enjoy going back to it though.

WAW Stockholm 2007

Web Analytics Wednesday Stockholm 2007

This blog is somewhat of a museum of web analytics. You’ll find web analytics memorabilia, old web analytics vendor comparisons (find interviews, screenshots, facts, and comparisons of tools that no longer exist as well as ones that are still going strong—I challenge you to search for any tool on this blog), the first eight Web Analytics Wednesdays in Stockholm (2006-2007), information about web analytics around the world (Australia, China, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, India, Brazil, Japan, etc.), countless of interviews with the CEOs and rock stars of our industry (including Avinash Kaushik, Eric T. Peterson, Dennis Mortensen, Bob Page, Jim Novo, Jim Sterne, and Seth Godin), old predictions (including my own crazy predictions and dubious observations), early mobile analytics, and more.

Other posts have ranged from free KPI development for a specific website to more hardcore GA API stuff to vendor research to broader concepts to comparing you to monkeys and my mom, and a lot more.

I’m particularly fond of some of the podcasts that I’ve made, like Web Analytics in Europe 2007 (widely appreciated), and the Roundtable Podcast on Testing.

eMetrics Stockholm 2007

eMetrics Stockholm 2007

If tools like Offermatica, Visual Sciences, ClickTracks, ClientStep, Optimost, and Widemile sound familiar to you, then you’ve probably been around the block for some time as well.

Over the years I’ve been instrumental in the release of a free Google Analytics addin for Excel, and the free code for a GA app for iPhone.

I’ve worked for Satama, started Digital Days Stockholm, and helped organize Internet Marketing Conference in Stockholm, Vancouver, and New York.

I’ve written articles about web analytics for several large Swedish publications as well as for the American Website Magazine (10 Terrific Testing Tips and Evaluate Editorial Impact Using Google Analytics), and been interviewed on WebmasterRadio.FM.

I’ve also spoken at numerous conferences, and helped make the program for eMetrics Stockholm 2010 and 2011. I took Web Analytics Wednesday and Web Analytics Association to Sweden.

What I’m most happy about though is taking the step I did last year. I had been thinking about what to focus on, how great team members are found, and how to build something where I can give something back. Well, in 2010 I was instrumental in founding two new web analytics companies: inUse Insights (new brand since May 2012: Outfox) and Ampliofy. The former is a web analytics services company, and the latter is a product company working on four products based on Google Analytics. Being based in Sweden seemed like a good idea.

I’ve always wanted to build a company the way it should be built. It should consist of skilled, fun, helpful, and innovative people. If you think you can do things better, give it a shot. If you never try to do it, don’t comment on what others do. My goal is not only to grow the business, but to do so with generous employee benefits, and the ability to contribute to the community (both to the web analytics community and to greater good).

Ampliofy’s (the name is a combination of the Latin word amplio and the English word amplify) products will add data to Google Analytics, and show data in new ways. We have also developed a better, more advanced, professional version of Excellent Analytics. It has been coded from scratch to be more efficient. Keep an eye out for it! The open source version will still exist, but the pro version will add more power to businesses and organizations.

inUse Insights (new brand since May 2012: Outfox) has been profitable from day one, we’ve recruited several people, and we have given away hours of work to charities.

If you e-mail me I always try my best to take my time to respond. I have never said no to meeting students interested in web analytics, I’ve found many people work (not only for my own company), and I’ve given plenty of free support for Excellent Analytics. Don’t hesitate to ask anything. I’m very busy, but I try my best to help. Just don’t take advantage of it by trying to get free consulting for your business.

See, I’m not dead. I’m just very busy! Once again, my sincere apologies for this blog being so dead. I hope to find time to change that!

Though I have that book I’ve promised to write too..

In the meanwhile, check out the Swedish blogs I’m a frequent contributor to:
inUse Insights (new brand since May 2012: Outfox)’s blog