Three New Google Analytics Apps for iPhone

Since I last looked at Google Analytics apps for iPhone, three more apps have been released. This is a quick overview of your new options.

Analytic (free)

This app is very basic and possibly a very early release. It’s confusing to understand which date range you’re analyzing, and the graphs are not very informative. For some reason the developer thought that it’s most important to know which web browsers visitors are using. While I applaud there being a big selection of Google Analytics apps on App Store, it’s hard to see which gap this app is currently supposed to fill. I am, however, looking forward to a much-improved release from the developer.

This app has three views:

  • Dashboard > Page Views, Bounce Rate, Avg. Time, New Visits, Pages/Visit (graphs lacking dates)
  • Visitors > Browsers (no values, just a pie chart)
  • Traffic Sources > A basic pie chart and graphs showing Direct Traffic, Referring Traffic and Search Engine Traffic

[ Download from App Store ]

Cracklytics ($0.99)

Viewing stats for different profiles is kind of like flipping through a stack of cards. You can choose between today, yesterday or last month and look at graphs for Visits, Bounce Rate, Page Views, and Pages/Visit. You may not base any decisions on the data presented in this app, but it’s quite appealing in its simplicity and clean design. I don’t get the choice of name though.

[ Download from App Store ]

AnalyticsPro ($6.99)

This is currently the most extensive Google Analytics app for iPhone. What its focus is? There is no focus, instead the developers have tried to cover as much of Google Analytics as possible. I think this one is a worthy challenger to Analytics App. In fact, I think I’d pick this one.

What it has:

Summary Report: Visits, Absolute Unique Visitors, Page Views, Average Page Views, Time On Site, Bounce Rate, New Visits, Traffic Sources, Referral Sources, Top Content, Top 10 Countries and Operating System.

Report sets: Summary Today, Summary Yesterday, Summary 7 Days, All Visitors, Countries, Location, Language, Visitor Loyalty, Browser, Operating System, Colors & Resolution, Flash Version, Java Support, Network Domain, Network Location, Hostname, Connection Speed, Traffic Sources, Search Keywords, AdWords Campaigns, Keyword Positions, Campaign Performance, Ad Versions, Top Content, Content By Title, Top Landing Pages, Top Exit Pages, Site Search Keywords, Site Search Categories, Event Categories, Event Actions, Event Labels, Event Trending, Goal Completions, Goal Starts, Goal Value, E-Commerce Summary Today, E-Commerce Summary Yesterday, E-Commerce Summary 7 days, Transactions, Revenue, Products, Product SKU, and Product Categories.

[ Download from App Store ]

Oh, and in case you’re looking for a Google Analytics app for Android, have a look at June Dershewitz’s blog.