Universities and Web Analytics

Web analytics has not really become a top subject at universities yet. On one hand there are two-day courses like the ones at University of Toronto (course) by June Li and the four longer courses offered by The University of British Columbia (UBC). I took all four courses through UBC a few years ago and received their Award of Achievement in Web Analytics. I highly enjoyed the courses and was asked to become a tutor for a couple of them shortly thereafter. Unfortunately I had too much on my plate to be able to squeeze it in at the time. Sadly. I think the all star team at UBC is doing a great job though.

A new dissertation about web analytics by Antoaneta Nikolaeva, a student at Stockholm University, became available for download this June:
A study of change management implementation in the context of web analytics

If you’re new to web analytics you’ll learn why continuous improvement should be the goal of web analytics.