Web Analytics Books Gone Wild

Avinash Kaushik recently released his book Web Analytics: An Hour a Day and challenged his readers to send in photos of the book in interesting places. You can find my contributions here.

The book has arrived in Stockholm.

The book gets to see the old town (Gamla Stan).

The Irish pub where Stockholm’s first Web Analytics Wednesday (WAW) was held.

The venue for the WAW held in Stockholm in November, 2006.

The venue for the WAW held in Stockholm in March, 2007.

The awarding ceremony for the Nobel Prizes is held here, in the Stockholm Concert Hall. You get a glimpse of two bonus books in this photo, Web Analytics Demystified by Eric T. Peterson and Actionable Web Analytics by Jason Burby & Shane Atchison.

The Stockholm City Hall is used for the celebrations held after the annual Nobel Prize award ceremony.

The national parliament of Sweden, home to the future ministry of web analytics.

By the Sergel square in Stockholm.

Web analytics may seem like science fiction to some people, but not to the readers of this book.

It doesn’t get darker than this in Stockholm right now.

Mr. Squirrel.

Web analytics in the hood, fo shizzle.

A cool book.

Seek and ye shall find wisdom.

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