Wine or Gasoline? A Podcast with Mario Fantoni of TaguchiNow

Mario Fantoni, TaguchiNow

I had the pleasure of talking to Mario Fantoni, founder and president of TaguchiNow.

In this podcast we discuss:

  • Taguchi and choice modeling
  • Multivariate testing in general
  • Methodology, technology and creativity
  • Three websites (Sony Ericsson, Volvo and Stardoll)
  • Whether small, large, new or old companies are the early adopters
  • Small, large and niche markets
  • Case studies (Nordax Finans, IntelliQuote, WebEx and Dell)
  • Corporate identities
  • Focus groups
  • The 80/20 rule applied to testing
  • Avinash’s 10/90 rule applied to testing
  • How Mario’s modified version of Taguchi has evolved over the years
  • TaguchiNow’s pricing
  • What restaurants have to do with testing
  • Which tool is Mario’s favorite
  • Head-to-head tests with competitors

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A correction: Stardoll has nine and a half million users now and had approximately one million users a year ago. I looked at the Stardoll site a few days ago and noticed how membership grew by 5,500 members in just eight and a half hours.

Listen: Podcast

Testing and targeting:
Optimost, TaguchiNow, Offermatica, Memetrics, SiteSpect, wunderLOOP, Conversion Multiplier, Maxymiser, Google & TouchClarity