Unlock the Power of Knowledge, Data, and Technology

We increase your revenue, decrease your costs, and make your users happier.

Global enterprises trust Merkle Outfox to deliver transformative services and solutions in knowledge, data, and technology. We use machine learning and automation to boost your products, content, and marketing initiatives.

By partnering closely with Google and building on top of their solutions, we take you to the next level and help you outfox your competition. We are a Google Marketing Platform Sales and Service Partner and deliver solutions built on the Google Cloud Platform. 

Merkle Outfox is based in Sweden. Merkle is a leading data-driven, technology-enabled agency. Merkle has a presence in more than 50 locations and 9,000+ employees worldwide.


We believe in sharing our knowledge with you through training sessions, workshops, and our day-to-day work with you. We’re passionate about what we do, and we love to share that passion.


We make your data accessible and actionable. Our skilled analysts and engineers work closely with you to ensure you can use your data to deliver better user experiences and more efficient marketing campaigns.


We provide analytics technology and help you implement tools to collect and analyze user data across all your digital touchpoints. Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud Platform are the technological cornerstones of our business.