Analytics 4 Is Here!

As you might have heard, Google recently announced Analytics 4, previously known as “App + Web Properties”, as the default methodology to capture and report data in Google Analytics.

But why should you start using Analytics 4? Let’s have a look at some of the nice things you get!

Privacy Enhancements

Regulations like GDPR require you to be in control of how you collect and use personal data. Analytics 4 gives you greater control over how you can use the data that you collect, either for your own purposes only, or share certain data across other Google advertising tools, such as Google Ads or Display & Video 360.

User properties and events can be marked as No Personalized Ads (NPA). Data marked as NPA can not be used for ad personalization, but you can still collect, report, and analyze the data within Google Analytics or BigQuery. If you build an Audience containing NPA data, that audience will not be exposed to Google advertising products.

…and IP Anonymization is always on!

Easier to Create Advanced Segments

Segments are key to great insights when analyzing data in Google Analytics. Understanding how to create advanced segments in Google Analytics has not been intuitive, and a source for misconceptions and faulty conclusions.

In Analytics 4 it’s much more intuitive to create segments. You are asked to create a “User”,”Session”, or “Event”, segment based on what kind of data you like the segment to contain.

If your segment contains users that have performed a certain action in a specific order (a.k.a. Sequences), you can now set a time constraint between these events. Your segment can include users who first viewed a video tutorial and within 3 hours downloaded a file.

More Powerful Visualizations

Analytics 4 contains several techniques to visualize and explore data. Create conversion funnels (up tp 10 steps), compare groups of users in venn diagrams, and discover overlaps, or perform cohort analysis.

One of the most exciting visualizations is the “Path Analysis”. It allows you to create forward, and backward, paths from any event, and apply breakdown dimensions to it! The data is shown as a Sankey diagram, and can be used to understand customer behaviour in complex checkout or signup processes.

These are only a few of the benefits you get from Analytics 4!