Dashboard reporting helps VisitSweden benchmark its markets at a glance

VisitSweden’s mission is to promote Sweden and strengthen the Swedish brand abroad, as well as drive business to the tourism industry. The website gives information about the country, things to do and how to get around.

vsFrom the website, the visitor can discover hotels and attractions and visit their sites to make reservations. VisitSweden’s target audience is a “progressive demographic” in selected geographical areas.

Make data easy to access and absorb

Much time was spent correcting for errors in editors’ reporting, and editors also found it troublesome to do all the steps necessary for reporting.

Sometimes incorrect segments were applied or incorrect date ranges were chosen, due to editors rarely using the Google Analytics UI. With large traffic volumes and big date ranges, a solution to avoid the UI’s data sampling – while still having access to it through a visual interface – was a must.

Customized dashboards using Google Analytics API

Outfox created customized dashboards using the Google Analytics API.

The employees can now log in to the dashboard and at a glance get an overview of the desired KPIs, unsampled. They can set goals and see how the resulting KPI compares to the goal KPI.

Conversions are measured with custom outbound link tracking on clicks. Metrics, such as visits and events, are fetched daily with an automated job using the Google Analytics API.

Each market has its own segment queries which, thanks to daily fetches through the API, do not hit the sampling limits.

“Thanks to the Outfox dashboard, we are now seeing a shift in how we act in our business, all the way up to top management. Finally, we are driven, not by guesses or whims, but by data.”

– Lars Näslund, Global Marketing Coordination Manager, VisitSweden

VisitSweden's dashboard

Increased interest in analytics improves decision making

Editors don’t have to spend time choosing the right profile, applying the correct segment, finding the correct time span.

Time is now better spent working to reach the goals or understand why KPIs underperform. By getting everything at first sight, the time required to start analyzing has decreased, and this has resulted in an increased overall interest in web analytics within the organization.

“Instead of spending time just finding the correct data, editors now have time to actually analyze the KPIs.”

– David Bustos, Research Coordinator Business Intelligence and Web Analyst, VisitSweden


  • Get an easy complete global overview
  • Obtain a per-market view of website performance using KPIs for benchmarking
  • Access unsampled data for KPIs


  • Google Analytics API is used daily to fetch data for a custom-made dashboard and to reduce sampling errors
  • Outbound link tracking for measuring conversion to partners
  • Survey for measuring visitor task completion rate, logging results using Google Analytics events


  • Increased interest and knowledge in Google Analytics and web analysis amongst web editors
  • Local market editors can now set KPI goals and follow up on them in one quick glance
  • Headquarters can track all markets globally, with a unified view

About VisitSweden

  • Sweden’s official website for tourism and travel information
  • Co-owned by the Swedish Government and the Swedish tourism industry
  • www.visitsweden.com

About Outfox

  • Google Analytics Certified Partner
  • Outfox provides a wide range of Google Analytics services, focusing on all aspects of the product; technology, business, analysis, and development.