Efficient Campaign Tagging

To evaluate campaigns and analyze the impact of various media channels, you need to be able to identify every source of traffic. You probably are already doing this now by connecting Google Analytics with your AdWords account and by customizing links from other purchased channels with campaign tags – UTM codes. URL Builder is often used to generate campaign-tagged links.

In large companies and organizations, often different parts of the organization purchase and drive traffic to the website from different channels. Part of the organization is responsible for paid search, another for affiliates, and a third for driving traffic from social media. This division places high demands on orderliness and structure if you want to be able to compare the various media channels or see the combined effect of a campaign – no matter which channel the message was communicated in.

Because Google Analytics does not determine whether the campaign name is spelled correctly or whether there is a campaign medium called “e-mail” for example, you need to ensure that links are tagged correctly and consistently. If you add to that that Google Analytics differentiates between upper- and lowercase letters, the challenge becomes even bigger.

Without having good base data on the site’s traffic sources, it is impossible to create attribution models, as these require good-quality data in order to be reliable.

To simplify the generation of consistent campaign-tagged links, we have developed GA Campaign URL, an add-on for Google Sheets.

selectThis tool helps you to create tag sheets, where you can guide users regarding which parameters are to be used and let users select, for example, the medium, sources, and campaigns in drop-down lists. Since you can easily share the spreadsheet among various users and control (by using permissions) which users can add and change the values in drop-down lists, you can create tag sheets tailored to the needs and organization of your company.

Read more about how to use GA Campaign URL on our Help page or install it for Google Sheets!

Note: We do not offer any warranties when you are using this free service. It is provided “as is”, and you are using it at your own risk.