Forget about bar charts, here’s a bar cart!

At Outfox, we’re not only into bar charts, we’re also into bar carts.

While recruiting for a butler a year ago, we noticed that the position was difficult to fill. That had us thinking about the main duties of a butler. Our conclusion was that the butler spends approximately 42% of his/her time on serving drinks.

While sipping on a Foxen Cabernet Franc one Friday afternoon, we started fiddling around with our bar cart, parts from a drone, and various electronics we had left over from a bunch of retired gadgets. That’s when it dawned on us that we could build the first autonomous bar cart, or self-driving bar cart, if you so prefer.


Our bar cart will be sensing the surroundings using GPS, radar, computer vision and lidar. Advanced systems will calculate the safest and fastest paths, and avoid obstacles such as alcoholics. Using mood-detection technology and predictive algorithms, the cart will prioritize who to serve first. There will be a self-learning component as well, so that the cart will learn who gets too aggressive or too giggly after a few drinks and give that person a lower priority ranking.

Bar cart

There’s still some work left to do. For instance, our cart does not find its way properly through fog yet.

The name for the autonomous bar cart is yet to be decided, but the name we are considering right now is 4fox Saké (it has four wheels, can bring saké, and was originally created to serve Outfox.)

And yeah, we will only produce the cart today. If you want one, you will have to get it at our office before midnight.