We have implemented Google Analytics on hundreds of websites, with and without solutions for tag management such as Google Tag Manager.

Whether you are preparing a measurement plan for a new website/app or replacing an existing digital analytics tool, you must figure out which data to collect, who should be able to access it, and how you expect to act on the information.

We can help you with every aspect of implementation, including defining the KPIs, coding, configuration, and quality assurance. Our main tool for digital analytics is Google Analytics.

Some of our areas of expertise:

  • Defining KPIs and metrics
  • Documenting which data to collect
  • Implementing tracking codes
  • Ensuring quality assurance of data collection
  • Configuring Google Analytics
  • Determining how to spread insights from data and act on them

After Google Analytics is implemented and data is being collected, we organize a training session tailored to your organization and based on your own data.

Outfox has always been a Google Analytics Certified Partner and is one of the foremost Google Analytics Premium Resellers in the world.

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