Key takeaways from Untagged Digital Analytics Conference

During the week, our tech team attended to Untagged, a Digital Analytics conference held in Madrid.

We had a quite impressive speakers lineup with well known experts within our field such as Brian Clifton, Yehoshua Coren, Simo Ahava to mention a few. Besides, there are few conferences targeting the more tech savvy audience so the visit was awaited.

For those who missed the opportunity, here’s my key takeaways!

Data Quality

A notable topic touched on by several speakers was data quality. As digital analysts we must question our data and how it’s being collected.

As Simo Ahava mentioned we can make the conversion rate 100% in minutes, simply by creating a goal that is impossible NOT to convert on. This might not be a real world scenario, but consider this:

A developer adds the tracking code to a new sub domain and the cookieDomain field is not set to auto.

What would happen? Well, we would initiate a new session every time a user navigates from to

Simply put, the sessions would increase and thus have a impact on the conversion rate metric. The conversion rate would decrease!

The C-level executives might think something is wrong and might take bad decisions due to bad data. It’s our job as analysts to differentiate between real world (behavioural) changes and changes in how our data is being collected.

Creative customisation of Google Analytics

Yehoshua Cohen and Simo Ahava both showcased great implementations where the data collected was made more accessible (or structured) within the GA interface.

Simo showed a very creative way to measure content engagement, and I really recommend reading these two articles (and everything else) for anyone interested:

Track Content Engagement Via GTM
Track Content With Enhanced Ecommerce

Yehoshua gave us very inspiring use cases for the often overlooked custom dimensions and metrics (and calculated metrics of course). I really gives us so much power to customise an implementation to fit a certain business and it’s objectives. It also makes the data that we often already measure (through events or pageviews) so much to easier to work with.

I think this blog post summarises the presentation really well:
Google Analytics Custom Metrics & Calculated Metrics

Yehoshua Coren Beatboxing

Yehoshua Coren (who seriously should be a comedian), found a creative way to get the audience back into the conference room. I guess beatboxing is the new skill that every digital analyst must acquire from now on.