Google Optimize 360

Google Optimize 360

Google Optimize 360 is a tool for conversion optimization from Google. It’s part of Google Marketing Platform of which Merkle Outfox is a Sales & Service Partner.

Google Marketing Platform

With Optimize 360, you can:

  • Create A/B, multivariate, or redirect tests.
  • Use a visual editing interface to make simple website changes.
  • Use raw HTML and Javascript code editing for more advanced tests.
  • Analyze experiment results with native statistical reporting built on your Analytics 360 data.
  • Apply geo targeting.
  • Go deep in your analysis of test results using BigQuery (requires Analytics 360).
  • Use your Analytics 360 audience lists for targeting.
  • Use information in the data layer in Tag Manager 360.
  • Get guaranteed service levels.
  • Have the chance to opt into early access to new features.

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