Outfox Becomes a Google Cloud Partner

Customer behaviour and marketing data is becoming an increasingly important asset for marketers and decision makers. To understand the full consumer journey, and target the right audiences with a message that is relevant to each individual, is a challenge to many marketing teams. Joining offline and online data sources to be able to achieve omni-channel marketing, personalization and predictions often remains nothing but a dream.

To help marketers solve these challenges, Outfox is proud to announce that we have teamed up with the Google Cloud team as a Google Cloud Partner. We are excited to deliver the power of Google Cloud Platform to our clients in conjunction with Google Analytics 360. That makes it possible to deliver actionable data for marketing and customer communication.

As Google’s marketing and analytics products have tight integrations with Google BigQuery, it’s a small and easy step to bring this data into the Google Cloud Platform. That is the starting point for using behavioral data in conjunction with other data sources, and to activate the data in multiple channels.

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