Outfox DashboardTurn your Google Analytics data into eye candy, spread insights, and increase interest in web analytics. Mount a dashboard on the wall to get people talking, or view it on your smartphone.

Outfox Dashboard allows you to quickly produce beautiful dashboards for showing off your web analytics trends, whether it’s on large wall-mounted screens, iPad, iPhone, or Android devices.

It has been developed with marketers, salespeople, and editors in mind. It should be so simple to use that IT help is no longer necessary.

Dashboards can currently use five different views:

  • Area chart
  • Pie chart
  • Bar chart
  • Table
  • Number

Typically your views will contain a comparison to the previous period. Arrows indicate change.

Outfox Dashboard gives you eye-pleasing dashboards that are guaranteed to capture the attention of colleagues and others. It is meant to increase interest in web analytics within organizations. It’s not for deep analysis; it’s for being present all of the time and whetting everyone’s appetite for data.

Outfox Dashboard is the new watercooler. It will be the natural meeting point in your office.

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