Outfox Now Serves Award-Winning, Sustainable Coffee

Outfox is happy to be the first employer to sign a contract with Drop Coffee Roasters to offer high-quality coffee to its employees. It’s the coffee preferred by consumers with high demands and by chefs like Mathias Dahlgren. If you are a client of Outfox, or interested in becoming one, you’re also welcome to come by for a cup of really good coffee. If you like it, we’ll even give you a refill to go. We’re currently serving Wote and Mugaya. Yes, we have a barista too. Our analysts have many skills.

Drop Coffee Roasters is an award-winning roastery, focusing on creating a great-tasting and sustainably grown and traded coffee. Drop Coffee believes that by paying the farmer a good price for the arduous work to produce the coffee, it will benefit him or her, their families, communities, and the local environment. That’s something Outfox is happy to endorse!

Drop Coffee participates in contests like the Roasting and Barista Championship, where they for several years have become Swedish champions, and they even placed second in the World Roasting Championship in 2015.

Drop Coffee

All of the coffees are traceable and roasted by the roasters Joanna Alm and Benjamin Norman with a clear vision of how coffee should taste.

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