Last Friday Outfox went to Amsterdam to participate in a gathering for Optimizely’s partners. The meeting was successful in raising ideas on how to improve Optimizely to better help both end customers and partners developing the tool.

Trying to find consensus in a CRO maturity model

At Outfox we regularly work with the digital analytics maturity model which has proven to be very successful and therefor we recently developed a model for Conversion Optimization as well. Outfox very much welcome the opportunity to discuss this even more in an international setting.


Scaling CRO is what everyone wants

(Almost?) every CRO-firms meets challenge in finding talent to grow while client demands for CRO-services steadily increases. One reason for this is that the field is new and there is a very particular skill set combination that allows a person to become a successful optimizier. There are no proper educations yet where one could learn the trade and there are only partially established processes and those are superficial. I believe that the faster CRO professionals can define the trade in detail the sooner it will grow.

Outfox takes pride in contributing to the growth of talent by taking a seat in the board of the 1.5 year long Stockholm based education program of digital analysis where conversion optimization is prominent.

CRO-specialists Joni & Ida goes to Optimizley in Amsterdam