Outfox Survey is unlike all the other survey tools out there. It combines attitudinal survey responses with behavioral data in Google Analytics, so you can get a deep understanding of the needs, pain points, and barriers for your visitors.

Forget about long surveys that annoy your visitors. Why not make shorter surveys that are more concise yet still give you a wealth of insights? It’s up to you which questions and possible responses you want to include, but as all survey responses are stored in Google Analytics, you don’t need to ask as much.

Often you can look at the behavior to see whether users succeeded in doing what they wanted, and the referrer will typically tell you how visitors found your website. When combining survey data and Google Analytics data, you don’t need to ask your visitor as many questions.

Key features:

  • Schedule surveys
  • Choose from three different triggers: manual, on load and delayed after load
  • Customize the design of your surveys and use your own logo
  • Use the familiar interface of Google Analytics to analyze your surveys
  • Create advanced segments in Google Analytics based on survey responses
  • Possibility to get a dashboard in Data Studio

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