The owl is the thorough and detail-oriented buyer. They want to know all the facts before making a purchase. It is important to the owl to make the best possible purchase—for their own sake. There are, however, situations when the owl may act more like a different bird. (For example, when purchasing a DVD, when it is difficult to act like an owl then.)

The peacock is the prestigious buyer. Knowing that someone famous and successful uses a product means it must be good. It is important to the peacock to make the best possible purchase so that they can show off their beautiful feathers to others. The peacock feels a little embarrassed if someone else made a better purchase.

The penguin finds relationships important. They want to know that there are real people behind the company they are buying from, and they enjoy reading reviews and customer testimonials.

The swallow is the spontaneous buyer. They just want to get to the finish quickly. That’s more important than making the best purchase. Life is too short for the swallow to waste too much time on a purchase.

People can be divided into four different approaches to purchasing. We’ve decided to use birds to illustrate them! Every single one of us has a little more of one bird in us, but you could say we all have a primary bird type and a secondary one. Which type we act like also depends, to some degree, on which product or service is involved. It is more difficult to act like a peacock or owl when buying a book compared to when choosing an insurance company. When we work with conversion optimization and A/B testing, we use the different bird types to make sure that challengers speak to all four types.

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