GA Campaign URL is an add-on for Google Sheets. It helps you append custom campaign parameters for Google Analytics to URLs in the same way as Google URL Builder.

With GA Campaign URL, you can simplify the tagging of your links and create powerful spreadsheets to help your entire company tag links consistently.

Get started by installing the add-on for Google Sheets.

Using the function ‘=UTM_URL’ in a sheet, you can tag individual links as well as a list of URLs.

The following example shows how to assign source, medium, and campaign parameters to the landing page URL:


You can also tag multiple URLs with the same parameters by providing a list of URLs:


Enable the Add-on

After you install GA Campaign URL, you can enable the add-on in any sheet by going to the Add-ons menu and selecting “Manage add-ons.”


Then select “Use in this document” for the GA Campaign URL Add-on:


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