How to Measure and Optimize at eMetrics Stockholm

I’ve asked my employee, and colleague, Antoaneta Nikolaeva a few questions about her presentation at the upcoming eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit in Stockholm.

What are you going to talk about?

I will share techniques and insider tips on how to work with web analytics to understand your audience better. It will help you increase your conversion rate.

I will show you how several non-profit organizations do it, for example Operation Smile and Doctors Without Borders.

Is your presentation only for non-profits, or who should listen to it?

Any organization wanting to boost online efforts can learn something from the presentation. Non-profits are under a continuous pressure to increase online conversion with limited resources, so I believe they make a perfect example of how you can be smart without using expensive technology. It’s all about people and process.

This will be your second time speaking at eMetrics Stockholm, what do you like best about the conference?

The engaged and enthusiastic people that I meet there. The attendees at the conference come from different industries, so I find it really inspiring to mingle and discuss web analytics with them.

What’s the first thing anyone new to web analytics (non-profit or not) should do?

Define your business objectives, goals and needs. Then look at how they can be applied to your website.

Start analyzing and optimizing!

Tip from Lars! If you buy tickets through the eMetrics website and use the code INUSEINSIGHTS011 you’ll get a 15% discount. Other speakers at eMetrics Stockholm include Bryan Eisenberg, St├ęphane Hamel, Jim Sterne, Brian Clifton, and Steve Jackson.